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BirdWatchingDaily was a source for Jeopardy!

This is a still image of a California Condor from the July 21 episode of Jeopardy!

On the July 21, 2021, episode of Jeopardy!, “Birding” was one of the categories, and our website,, was the source for one of the answers. How cool is that!

For the $1,200 answer, guest host Robin Roberts read the text while a photo of a California Condor was shown on the screen.

Roberts said: “ listed this majestic, endangered raptor as the North American bird birdwatchers most want to see.”

Contestant Josh Saak of Boise, Idaho, answered correctly with the question, “What’s a California Condor?”

The game show’s question and answer stem from a survey we conducted in 2013, when we asked readers which bird species they want to see most. We published a list of 240 species that occur in the United States and Canada and asked readers to choose 10 that were on their “must-see” list. Nearly 900 readers responded, and indeed the condor took the top spot. The Whooping Crane, Spotted Owl, Gyrfalcon, and Green Jay were also among the top 10.

You can read the full article about the 10 most-wanted birds here.

Note: A video clip of the Jeopardy! episode that featured the birding category, which was previously included in this article, is no longer available on YouTube. 

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Matt Mendenhall

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