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Baltimore Oriole

Posted by Larry Campbell on November 22, 2019 at 9:30 am
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You know something’s different when you take the picture, but not just how different until you see it on your screen. I’ve captured a few of these, but this is the most interesting. Taken at Tawas Point State Park in Michigan in May 2011. 

Editor’s note: I asked Kenn Kaufman if this is a male Baltimore that hasn’t developed all of its adult plumage. He said it’s more likely that it’s an older adult female. Kenn writes: “They can develop a LOT of black in the head and body plumage, looking very much like males, but generally (as on this individual) they don’t have the male’s black-and-orange tail pattern. So I’m not one hundred percent sure, given that there’s so much individual variation in Baltimore Oriole plumages, but my guess would be that it’s an older female.”