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Black Kite

Posted by sylvester alphonso on November 23, 2021 at 10:37 am
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This bird with a sharp beak and keen eyesight is seen easily enough. The black kite is as common as the crow. It is easily seen near fish markets, slaughter houses, garbage dumps and bazaars. The kite feeds on frogs, mice, fish, mutton, but her favourite food items are chicken or young ones of the other birds.

Hats off to the kite’s flying skills. She swoops down a busy street, avoiding electric cables, the traffic jam and crowds and swiftly takes away the dead rat spotted on the road.

The breeding season of the kite is from October to March. Her nest is of twigs, rags, bits of cloth, plastic strips, and strings. The kite builds her nest quite high: 7 to 25 meters from the ground. For her nest, she chooses trees like banyan, peepal, coconut, mango, and  neem.