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Rosy Starling

Posted by sylvester alphonso on January 17, 2022 at 4:35 pm
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Rosy starling is a bird from the myna family. This bird is similar to flamingos always seen in large family, they fly quickly when they hear a sound of the vehicle or a person walking. It’s a medium size bird with a glossy black head crest pale pink tinged body and a yellow bill. It is a winter visitor to many parts of the Indian sub continent. This bird feeds on insects such as grasshoppers, berries, nectar and small grains. They are strongly attached to flowering trees and form large noisy flocks when disturbed. Starling murmurations are an inspiring sight during twilight where flocks performs a perfect synchronized ballet in in the sky. It has a loud and shrill ki ki ki call; it is best sighted at open field and flowering trees.